My Cakes

Here are pictures of my cakes. Some look beautiful, some not as good; some for business, some for fun.

Royal Icing Flowers. Everything else butter-cream.

Clown cake = literally a piece of cake.All butter-cream frosting. Drop flowers. For the Clowns I just used a pretty big star tip for the body a smaller one for the legs and arms. Round tip for the feet, hands, buttons.

All butter-cream icing. Borders and turkey are star tips. The leaves are from the leaf tip. Round tip for writing.

Royal Icing flowers. Fondant shamrocks and those broccoli looking things are star tip shamrocks. Iced with butter-cream. Writing also butter-cream.

Bridal Shower.. Royal Icing flowers. The rest is butter-cream icing
Strawberries and Milkyways. Used a star tip and whipped cream icing
My friends helped me with this one. The eyes and mouth are chocolate chips; flowers on the wings are rolled out Jolly Rancher Chews cut with very tiny cookie cutters. Straws for antennae and used cream cheese icing.

My friend, Victoria, and I made this cake. We call it our Barney cake because of the colors.

All buttercream