Saturday, October 03, 2015

Life as an... adult?

I certainly don't feel like an adult. I bought Teddy Grahams this afternoon.
A month and a half ago, my mother drove me up to the Crown College of the Bible in Powell, TN and left me here. I didn't really want to be here at first, but I knew this is where God wanted me. I'm glad I stuck it out because college is amazing! I have learned so much and most of it has not been in the classroom. I have learned to depend on God like no other time before. I love my classes. Truly, the Bible is inexhaustible. I always learn more and it never ceases to interest me. I have made friendships that I know will last for a lifetime...

Thrift shopping with my roomies

Bus ministry with the best

Boo Boo

Sundays with granny jackets

When Josh steals your phone
I've figured out I can act like a grown up when I need to (like in class), but I still have plenty of opportunities to be a kid.

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