Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Washington DC

     Ben and I were planning on retaking this photo from last time we were in DC.

     Unfortunately, the capital building was under construction, it was raining, and everything looked nasty so we didn't.
     I had the opportunity to visit several of the Smithsonian museums. My favorite by far was the Museum of Air and Space. There was so much on the history of flight. Seeing the Wright brothers' flyer and knowing that that was where flying began really was amazing.
     My second favorite was the Museum of American History. If you know me well, you could probably guess I spent most of my time in the exhibit about the wars. American conflicts have always interested me.

We visited the Arlington National Cemetery. My parents have a friend buried there and we found him after we visited the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. All I have to say about that is wow. The respect and military precision in the changing of the guards ceremony is absolutely impeccable.

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