Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Spring Farm Update

     Here we are and it's already April. Many little spring things have been going on over here at Stone Pond Dairy. We had our turkey hen, Jake, sit on some eggs and a little bit ago they hatched. There are some turkeys and some chickens so we call them the churkeys. Our heifer, Honeybelle, also had a calf last night around 9:20pm. He is the most adorable little thing headed to the butcher! I was at our weekly Civil Air Patrol meeting when Daddy texted to tell us that Honey was having her calf. Well, it's her first calf so I had to be there. The rest of the guys are going to have to tell me what happened.      Now, for the photos...

The Churkeys and their mommy

Clarabull, the cute little bull calf.

The next morning...

And there you go. :)