Monday, February 16, 2015

Goodwill Survival

    A few weeks ago YOUth ALIVE, the youth group at my church, had an activity. It was guys against girls and it was a pretty competitive activity. It goes like this: You're a businessman (businesswoman) and you travel a lot. You get on a plane going from Barcelona, Spain to Paris, France. A bit into the flight, the plane crashes and you're the only survivor. You find a map and find out you are a couple days' hike from a city in Spain. It's 1 hour till it gets dark and you freeze. You need to look through the baggage and get what you need to survive.  Now, because we didn't have a real plane crash, we had $50 and an hour in Goodwill.
    We ladies immediately took the back have of the bus and spent the rest of the ride there planning. Once we figured out what we needed and who was to go get what, etc., we listened in to the guys and they were just starting to divide and assign jobs. Ha! After shopping we might or might not have used Lynzie's college discount... shhhh
    We all assembled in the parking lot to make our presentations to the judges (Brother Aaron and Mrs. Rogers). Each group was allowed to have one presenter and one model. The guys picked Sergey for their presenter and Lane as the model. Their presentation was interesting. I was the presenter and Arryanna was the model for our group. And may I say she was an excellent model. She looks prepared for a plane crash. :)

Apologize for the horrible pictures. I didn't want to lug my big Nikon around so it was this or nothing.

After our presentations where made, the judges left to consult. The boys kept arguing that we wouldn't be able to carry all the stuff we had. Bro. Aaron came back and let each team challenge the other for one thing. We had to put everything up and prove Arryanna could carry it and the guys had to open the can of creamed corn (eww) they found with what they had. We both completed the challenges.  End result? Of course the girls won. What did you think? We're better planners and shoppers. So we got ice cream the next Thursday. :)

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