Monday, September 01, 2014

YBC Sunday School Picnic

Everytime I come visit Japan I go to church at Yokosuka Baptist Church. It has been really nice seeing my friends again and last Saturday all of the Sunday Schools had a picnic on the naval base. I don't have any pictures. (sorry) We had an absolutely great time! We played a lot of different games and I got to know some of the teens and others here better. We played a Filipino game with a board with nails on it and different colored stripes at the bottom. Each color had a corresponding number of points. First, you roll a die to determine how many marbles you get. Then, you drop a marble at the top, it bounces off the nails, and when it gets the the bottom it lands on a color. It was an interesting game. We played some other games as well as kickball and dodgeball. It was fun. My Sunday School teacher, Bro. Patrick, has a son named Gen Gen and he and I were playing tag all day. :)

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