Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Grape Picking

We went on another bus tour. We stopped at a few places including places where they make wine and rocks that are supposedly good for you (??? not exactly sure what that one was about). My favorite was when we stopped at a place where you could pick as many grapes as you want (you have to eat them all, of course).

Excuse my messy hair. I spent the day in a bus. I don't know how all the other young ladies kept their hair looking nice. (Maybe by not sleeping...)

I'm going home tomorrow. It's sort of a Yay! and a Aww. You can bet I'll come back at the next opportunity though. It was fun and I'll miss a lot of things such as feeling safe walking somewhere by myself and the awesome bread they have here.  Can't wait to see all my family and friends in the States again though. :)

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