Thursday, September 04, 2014


I went to Asakusa with my grandmother's older sister. Though she is ten years my grandmother's senior, she is in excellent shape and doesn't tire easily. It was actually pretty fun.

This is some sort of fortune thing. You pay to take a stick with a number out of a cylinder, then you find the corresponding box and it has your fortune on it. Then you just tie it to the poles in the middle of the picture. 

The Japanese think that if you wave the smoke toward you, it makes you smarter and heals you.

They wash their hands in this water fountain before they pray at the temple.
The symbol that is used to represent a temple is similar to the Nazi symbol. And it's everywhere...


Also saw some sort of TV show going on.

These following few pictures are for a few friends. Ignore if you don't like expensive samurai swords. ;)

Hmmm... this post is getting too long. I will make a part two.

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