Thursday, September 04, 2014

Asakusa (2)

After that we ate lunch and took a boat to Hama Rikyu garden. That was a beautiful place. We had tea there then walked to Odaiba where we rode the Ferris wheel.

 Then we ate crepes and decided to end our day of adventure. (It turns out she had never been to Odaiba before either.) We got to the train station and she headed for the sign that said Yokosuka line. I had saw a sign that said the line we were supposed to go on was behind but she insisted. I kept saying, "Are you sure?" She was pretty confident until we were actually on the train. After I finally convinced her we were on the wrong train, we got off at Yokohama and switched the the right line. In conclusion, it was as unique a day as any. :)

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