Saturday, August 23, 2014

A Strange Day

I woke up and put on black clothes. Why? I went to the temple for some ceremony for my great aunt's husband who died. I was ready to leave way before everyone else so I was practicing piano upstairs and Nene was still in her pajamas.
At five till our time to leave, which was 9, I told her,
"It's almost nine."
and she said,
"I guess I should start getting ready."
Then my grandfather came upstairs and said,
"Are you ready to leave?"
and she said,
"What?! We're leaving nine-thirty, right?"
And that is how the day started. We ended up leaving her behind. She came a few trains behind us. We got to the temple and I got to see a bunch of relatives I haven't seen in a long while. The ceremony thing was very interesting. This bald guy in a funny outfit came out and started explaining a wooden stick with a bunch of Japanese characters on it. Nene said that was the only thing she understood. :) Then he sat down and started hitting things and chanting. Never seen anything like it before.
After all of that stuff, we went to Yokohama for lunch. It was a really nice place. Before we went into the dining room, I showed them some of my pictures because they wanted to see the farm and Ben. My grandmother was telling them how much my Japanese has improved and how much internet translators make explaining easier and this is the example she chose. The other day I was telling her about the time I visited the dairy near my house and one of the cows had cancer. The only thing was that I didn't know what cancer was in Japanese so I looked it up. (It's gan by the way.) Then we got called into the dining room. When we were all seated, my mother's cousin asked me, "So what happened to the cow with cancer in its eye?" So I told her that the eye had to be removed and then all of the sudden the whole room was really quiet. Here's a fact about me: when I'm nervous, I laugh. It was really quiet and I got nervous so I laughed. Then everyone else started laughing too so it was okay. :)
The food was good.

After all of that, everyone else departed and Nene and I went shopping for a bit before heading home. Strange day? Maybe, but it was interesting as always. :)

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