Saturday, May 17, 2014

My First Glider Flight

This morning we headed over to the Pierson airport. Pretty much all it is is a grass strip in the town of Pierson. We met with some other people from different squadrons and learned how to fly a glider and be a wing runner. Wing running is actually pretty fun. You get to attach the tow line from the tow plane to the glider, then hold the plane level and run with it as it picks up speed. When it was my turn to ride the glider, I was a little nervous, but I think I might like it better that flying powered aircraft. I learned a lot about thermals and how the hot air pushes you up. We got over one thermal and went from 1500 feet to 2700!

The diagonal strip going from the bottom left to the upper right is the runway.

You pull the little yellow handle to release the tow line. As soon as you release the line, the tow plane will go down and to the left and you will bank to the right.

Me and my instructor, Lt McKibben

It was tons of fun. :)

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