Monday, May 05, 2014

C-17 Trip

This past weekend was absolutely amazing! In summary, my Civil Air Patrol squadron rode a C-17 to Charleston, SC, slept on the USS Yorktown (aircraft carrier), toured the destroyer, Laffey, and the submarine, Clamagore, and then drove over to Fort Moultrie, and flew back on another C-17. I had a great time, got to know more people in my squadron, and learned a ton about aviation.

You get in and out from the ramp on the back of the plane. This is the ramp half open while we were taxiing.

Airman Lohman and Ben decided to pose with a sleeping Sergeant Dye.

Inside the USS Yorktown. This photo does not make the stairs look steep enough. Any steeper would have been a ladder. We had to carry our luggage up this to get to our berthing area.

Another view of the stairs.

L to R: Major Fowler, Sergeant Shepherd, Airman Bauder (me)

In the captain's seat

L to R: Sergeant Giles, Airman Lohman, Airman Weiker, Sergeant Spitz, Sergeant Shepherd, Major Fowler, Airman Bauder, Airman Johnson

Group picture

This is in the Clamagore. Seriously, they slept above torpedoes.

If you can see, the doorways are very small. 

A skeleton in the jail in the USS Yorktown.

Maj. Fowler, Sgt. Shepherd, Amn Bauder

A posed picture at Ft. Moultrie

The guys goofing off

On the C-17 back
I had a great time. Big thanks to Lieutenant Giles for arranging everything!

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