Wednesday, February 12, 2014


This morning we were discussing what to have for breakfast. "How about waffles?" "Okay."
It ended up that I was going to make waffles. I'd never made waffles before but I'd watched Daddy make them a few days before and it seemed easy. Well, it is, but if you know me, I'm clumsy and do all sorts of funny things. :)    So I got out the Aunt Jemima waffle mix (we don't even make our own mix but that's next on my list) and the water and oil. Everything went well until I put the oil back. It has one of those screw on caps that don't get tight. They just click and keep twisting, you know what I mean? I didn't know that so I picked it up by the cap and it fell. It fell and spilled on the floor and the bottom of the cabinet. I guess dogs like olive oil... they licked it all up.  I mixed the stuff all up in the bowl and it was a little watery so I added some more mix. I heated up the waffle iron and poured some in then closed the lid. *gasp* I forgot to spray the iron with oil to keep the waffle from sticking! I didn't want my first waffle to be a failure so I prayed. "Lord, please don't let this waffle stick." It didn't. God even answers the stupidest prayers like mine. Isn't He great?

By the time I made the last waffle, I think they got to looking pretty good.

 And that's the story of the waffles.

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