Wednesday, January 08, 2014

The Last Day

On our last day in Japan, we went shopping at Livin for last minute snacks and stuff to bring home. We visited Umikaze kouen, a place I used to play often when I was little. It was a good last day.

These are what Japanese backpacks look like.

All four wheels swivel on their carts!

You bag your groceries yourself.

 Free dry ice if you need it!

And that concludes my trip. We left the next morning and took the train to the Narita Airport. The flight back didn't seem as long as the flight was coming over. Since we were traveling late on Thanksgiving Day, there was no one when we got to the Orlando International Airport. All the gates were empty, the monorail was empty, when we got past security, we saw Daddy and the Rogers! I was completely taken by surprise. It was past midnight so they must have stayed up a long time. I was glad to be home.


  1. Leigha, I remember going here when I was little! My mom took me here and she let me play in the playground and I loved Livin!!!!! I can't believe you were in Yokosuka! I am so jealous! I would love to go back there for a week one last time! I miss Japan a little but I would only wanna go for vacation. Not to live there like I used to. I like Ohio a little better!

  2. I like the US better, too, but it's fun to visit family. I really missed seeing y'all at YBC this time around.


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