Thursday, October 31, 2013

We Made It!

We made it! Haha! It took a long time but we made it. Here is a post I wrote on the plane. I will post pictures later. :)

Hey guys! As I write this it's now 6:30pm in Florida and 7:30am in Japan. I've been in the airplane for about five hours and forty five minutes now. If you look out the window (I have the window seat on the long flight) all you can see is the blue sky and the puffy white clouds beneath. We've had a pretty good day so far I guess. Last night Ben and I wen to bed in our clothes so all we'd have to do is get in the car and go because we had to leave at four in the morning. We got on our first flight to Toronto and took off around 7:15am. Then we had a three hour layover there. We ended up just sleeping at the gate. We took off toward Japan at about 1:00pm. And now I've only got seven and a half hours to go. :) If I look out the window now, the clouds have cleared and you can see beautiful snowy mountains. How great God must be to make all of that! Now I will end this post and maybe play another game of solitaire.   Leigha

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