Friday, August 23, 2013

Animal behavior

Today I wrote a paragraph about feeding reptiles for my science class. It was so amusing that I've decided to share it with y'all. In the original assignment there wasn't all the thous and thys because I thought it would be a little much. I've added them for your enjoyment. :)

"While perusing an extremely captivating exposition, I attained much cognition about providing reptiles with nourishment. Initially, thou needs must cleanse thy hands from all odors, those of other creatures in particular. Subsequently, it is necessary to extract the animal from its accustomed habitation and situate it in an incommensurable domain to nourish it. If thou chooseth to cater to the reptile’s appetite in its native abode, thou are in much peril of being masticated by the vertebrate, who has mistaken thy hand for its sustenance, each time thou inserteth thy hand into its lodging. In the times to come, I shall ascertain that my hands are absterged and the animal is in a separate enclosing prior to giving the creature pabulum, to inhibit further hazard of being lacerated by the teeth of the reptile."

In other words:

While reading this interesting article, I learned a lot about feeding reptiles. First, before handling or feeding reptiles, you have to wash your hands so you don’t smell like food. You have to move them to a second cage to feed them so they won’t associate their normal cage with food. If you do feed them in their normal cage, you run the risk of getting bitten every time you put your hand in the cage. In the future, I can make sure my hands are washed and the animal is in a different cage to prevent the danger of being bitten.

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