Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Hey there, moo moos!

It sounds funny, but that's how we call the newest residents at the farm. Introducing Honeybelle and Sugar Muffin! (We call them Honey and Sugar for short.)

Sugar Muffin on the left, Honeybelle on the right
They are so cute! Sugar is two weeks old today and Honey 4 days older. I bought them for $200 each and they're pure Jersey. Right now they are being fed by nipple buckets twice a day with milk replacer. We leave a little grain and hay too. They eat the grain, but I haven't seen them do anything with the hay yet. Yesterday I went out and took a bazillion pictures of them. Unfortunately, it was just about to rain so the pictures look sort of dreary, but here's a few of them.

Sugar Muffin



Sugar Muffin
Honey in front and Sugar behind


Bacon and her piglets are doing well. She is starting to wean them and you can tell they aren't happy about that.

We still have about two years till we can milk the cows, but I can wait. Meanwhile, I'll just play with them. :) -Leigha

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