Monday, October 01, 2012


I just wanted to let you guys know I'm still online! I'm just so busy with school and other things (like I'm sure you guys are, too). I have so many things I want to post and so little time! I'll try to better manage my day.

 I have opened a new blog called "365 Project". The name pretty much gives away what it is. I'm taking a picture every day for a year. Today's theme was "freedom". I had a lot of fun thinking of the possibilities. :)

I'm also really excited about going to West Virginia (again!). The VoV are going to sing at the Southwide Independent Baptist Fellowship in Hurricane, WV and I am going with them (because I'm in the group . . . :) We leave the morning of my daddy's birthday (Oct 8) :( at 4am!

Ben and I are also dog sitting Aki and Kuma for the Sheffields when they go visit their daughter in CO. Here are some posts from the previous time we dog sat them. :) Here and here

Talk to y'all later!     -Leigha

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