Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Journey Thru Christmas

I am glad I can say (as I can every year) that Journey was a success! We had almost 1,000 people turn in cards that said they got saved! I was acting in the market scene this year. It was a lot of fun until I got sick after 2 days. Satan was really working that week to make everyone sick. The stomach flu was going around. (The angel who told the shepherds about Jesus threw up, etc.) Thankfully, I didn't get the stomach flu. I got.. I don't know how to explain it. It was a throat/nose sickness instead of stomach sickness. I got to act the last day though.
The Deland Parade on Dec. 3rd was fun.
My friend, Isaac dressed up like an elf. Kids were shouting, "Buddy!"
My friend, Carly and her goat, Olive.
Guess what happened. :D Lane (left) butted his goat (named Shadow) in to the wise man (don't know his name)
Exercising the goats before the parade.
Special thanks to the ladies who did the soup and hot chocolate!
The wise men see the star!
Final touches
Mary and baby Jesus
The two wagon girls who had the tickets
The float driver, Mr. Besser
The very fun(ny) Mrs. Colleen Ingram!!
There were so many people on the bus that some of the boys had to "bus surf". :)

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