Sunday, August 07, 2011

I made it!!

Pastor held try-outs for the Voices of Victory teen ensemble tonight. After months of waiting and turning in 2 applications, I finally go to audition with my friend Melody R. and her brother Derek. I was sooo nervous! But everyone was really nice about it so I'm thankful for that. He made me sing scales, a random song from a hymn book, and Amazing Grace. I did horrible! He told me to sing a note and so I tried and he said it was a little flat. After all that, he called some of the ensemble members and we all sang as a group. I was so scared he was going to say "I have to think about it.." But he just said, "I expect you all to be there at practice next Sunday. Congratulations!" I was so relieved! So.. you wondering which part I got? He said he's going to switch me back and forth between soprano and alto but I'm mostly going to sing soprano. :D I'm so happy!

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