Saturday, June 25, 2011


 There's a new teen girls Bible study taught by Ms. Jesica (Bro. Adam's wife) every Monday at 10am. It's called GLAM which stands for Girls Learning And Ministering. Last Monday was the second time we met and so far, it has been very serious while still being fun and casual. Anyway, we went to Chili's. :D

My friend Haley and I split a Classic Turkey Toasted Sandwich. Mmmm! Then for dessert, I had a Brownie Sunday. :P Yum!! I sat next to Olivia. She's so cute and fun to play tag with after church. :) 

Friday, June 24, 2011

Thank you Bro. Adam!

Do you know what the average stay of a pastor is at a church?   Guess then highlight the answer (because I wrote it in white).                      → 2 years

 How about the youth pastor?   → 6 months!
At the end of July, it's going to be my youth pastor's 10th year at VCBC! And I'd like to thank him for all he's done in this one year I've attended Volusia County Baptist Church. I appreciate it very much and hope he stays a lot longer! :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The begining of summer

Wow! Do you guys realize that it's already summer? My piano recital was on the 5th and thankfully, I did my piece note-perfect! You don't know how many times I prayed "Please God, help me get this right!" and after-wards "Thank you, Lord!!!" I also started the Wilton Flowers and Gumpaste cake class (course 2) last Friday.

I found out recently that in August, my mom's cousin and his family are coming over from Japan. I suppose it will be like when Miyuu was here but not as near as long. Hopefully we will get them to come to church with us!

Father's day and God and Country day (July 4th) are just around the corner! We have a present for Daddy hidden in my closet! LOL On the 3rd, VCBC is having a mini patriotic cantata called "This Is My America". I like it actually. And after service, we are having dinner on the grounds with hot dogs and lots of apple pie! Hooray! One year ago on July 4th (Sunday) I was in Japan. Good memories at Yokosuka Baptist Church (YBC). :)

The best news!             (which I'm going to announce again and again till it actually happens!)
I'm getting my braces off on July 14th!!!!!!!!!!!! That's 4 weeks from tomorrow! Yaaaaaaaaaaaay! I'm still planning on camo retainers! :D