Monday, April 25, 2011

The Morning of April 6th

Here are the pictures I took at around 8am.

Macy and I explored the lake bed and found all kinds of stuff like golf balls (see towards the bottom of  my Interesting Finds post) and fish skeletons. There's even grass growing!

I suppose if you don't know how friendly Macy is, you'd find this scary.


Aflac! He's completely white now. I'll have to take a picture of him and show you.

Ben, Ben, Ben... (shaking head)
I love this picture!

We have figs! We have a lot of blossoms on the Persimmon tree too. We're going to have a big harvest this year.

We had Loquats, too, but we (by then Ben was outside too) and the squirrels ate them all.

While we were eating breakfast we saw a couple Cardinals on a "date".

That's it for that morning.    What's your favorite cereal? Mine's Cinnamon Chex.


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