Monday, April 25, 2011

Ben's tooth

Here's something we weren't expecting.

Under the Bed

Lately, Ben and Macy have been under my bed a lot. I guess it must be comfortable or something... So I took some pictures of them.

After they came out from under, I took this pic of Macy. It's so funny!



Chickens and Ducks

Wow we are really becoming a animal farm! Now Daddy's talking of getting a cow! He took this picture this afternoon and now it's my profile picture. :D

The Morning of April 6th

Here are the pictures I took at around 8am.

Macy and I explored the lake bed and found all kinds of stuff like golf balls (see towards the bottom of  my Interesting Finds post) and fish skeletons. There's even grass growing!

I suppose if you don't know how friendly Macy is, you'd find this scary.


Aflac! He's completely white now. I'll have to take a picture of him and show you.

Ben, Ben, Ben... (shaking head)
I love this picture!

We have figs! We have a lot of blossoms on the Persimmon tree too. We're going to have a big harvest this year.

We had Loquats, too, but we (by then Ben was outside too) and the squirrels ate them all.

While we were eating breakfast we saw a couple Cardinals on a "date".

That's it for that morning.    What's your favorite cereal? Mine's Cinnamon Chex.


Sunday, April 24, 2011

I can FINALLY log on!

Now that my computer is cooperating again, I'll tell you about some of the things that are happening. Today, VCBC had our Easter Cantata entitled "Who do you say that I am?"  I think we did good. :D Pastor reminded me this morning that the try outs for the teen choir are next month. Praying I do good. I still can't decide whether I want to be soprano or alto...
       Sunday the 3rd was the last day of the Sunday School competition. -drum roll- WE WON!!! Hooray! We had 599 people show up on time for Sunday School! Since we got over 500 people, Bro. Adam had to get a pie in his face just like he said. LOL

I know this is a bad picture but it's funny!
After the service, the teens stayed and ate lunch and played games. I was so fun! We played volleyball with a huge ball. I mean really big ball. We also played man hunt (hide and seek without the tag and in the dark) in the sanctuary and baptistery.
       On April 6th I brought my camera with me when I took Macy out in the morning. I'll make a separate post for those pictures.
       It's 10:30pm so I'll post more next time! (If I can get in of course)   Leigha