Saturday, March 05, 2011


When you think of the word "feminine", what do you think of? I think of skirts and dolls and stuff like that. There was one time in my life I liked wearing skirts but now it just restricts leg movement (that's my excuse for not wearing skirts. LOL). I still play with dolls though. I don't know why but I always hated it when people stereotype that girls like pink and boys like blue etc. As much as my friends call me a tomboy, I do have a feminine side you know. For the first time (in a while) I enjoyed clothes shopping! I actually bought a skirt and dress. I'm growing out of my other ones.
           Church Thursday was great! We teens are learning about making decisions in life. I admit I didn't like some of the things Brother Adam said (like "You can't decide 'not to decide'.").
           If you haven't heard yet, we're getting pigs! We tore down the old, rotting, pen near the corner of our dirt driveway (we also have a concrete one). We made lots of progress today. I am satisfied. A few days ago, we went shopping and bought a bunch of supplies and I'll have to get a picture of what we've done. I have a banged up thumb. ): It's sore.
           Ben got a duck! It's so adorable! Guess what he named it... Aflac!
We also ordered our Wyandotte chicks and they'll be coming in the mail. We're becoming and animal farm! Tonight we went to the Boston Coffeehouse in Deland where every Saturday night they have storytelling. It's mostly old people but if you've spent time around old people, you know that they tell the best stories! Here is their website! Well, more later! Leigha

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