Wednesday, March 16, 2011

March 16th, 2011

Whew! Finally my computer lets me log in again!    The Japan tragedy has been horrible! Thankfully, all my family and friends are okay. But please keep praying for them and all the others who are in Japan as they are threatened with after shocks, radiation, and more.
Ever since I remember, my grandmother on my mom's side (Obaachan) has been sending us boxes around our birthdays and Christmas. We all look forward to that box because it has all the things in Japan that we can't get here. Guess what? *drum roll* We got one today! Yay!

It had a ton of custard bread in it!!!

Melon bread, too!

Ben and I got birthday cards and stuffed animals. I took some pictures. If you want to see them and others visit my other blog (My Supposedly Unique Pictures).

The other day Ben was trying on Daddy's stuff and I thought I'd show you a picture.

If you haven't seen our chicks and the duck (that Ben named Aflac) yet, here are some pictures.

Our church is having a Sunday school contest and so far they have won 2 of 6 weeks and we've won only 1. :( Hopefully we will win this Sunday.   Leigha

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