Friday, March 18, 2011

Interesting Finds

I found some old pictures and I thought I would share them with you. They bring back so many memories...
I'll tell you all about the pictures. Most of these were before I got my braces.
In 2004 (I think) my family took a trip to Arizona. Ben was so adorable!

Winter 2009-2010 was so cold there was sleet and ice! In Florida!!

One January day (the 21st to be exact) we decided to play with some bubbles. I forgot where we got them. Probably from the dollar store. I took a couple pictures of Ben.

Maybe 3 or 4 times before the last time we went Japanese food shopping in Orlando, we found this... Poor Frank.
Next I found my 12th birthday/Ben's 10th birthday party pictures. I'll show you only a few because there are a lot.

On the 26th of March we went to Busch Gardens with my dad's partner's family, the Rappas. It was fun.

Last year's garden, and yes that's me, my dad took this picture.

2 years ago, my Japanese grandparents came over to visit. We had a ton of fun.

Shopping at the outlets

McDonald's in Walmart

We happened to get chicks when they got here.
Since my grandpa is good at golf, we were smacking golf balls in the lake.

The whole reason they came was to see my ballet recital.
Ben's dressing room.

My dressing room
After the recital and the day before my grandparents went back to Japan, we shaved Ben's head. :D

Final pictures..↓

That'll be all till later. I also found pictures of my cakes and some pictures of Macy when she was really little. I'll update Macy's page if you want to see them. I'll also make a cake page. Till the next. Leigha

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