Saturday, January 22, 2011

Foods from around the world

Today was very fun! At church today, the 4th day of the Missions Conference took place. The food was GREAT! All of us teens were entertaining the missionary kids from Ecuador. They are so funny. Hopefully we'll see them again.

Sometime in February we're going to have a race. For 2 bucks you can buy a basic car kit and today we carved them. Next Saturday we'll paint them. I made a pick-up. My ideas are either painting it white with fire on the sides and putting the Asoka Star Wars Lego person standing with her arms up in the bed, holding 2 American flags --- or Paint it all white and tape Macy's fur to it and make paper ears and make a Macy truck. I don't know which I'll choose but whichever... It'll look interesting. Ha ha!

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