Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Boasting :D

You know after Christmas everybody has to brag about their gifts (*wink*).
I got a Nikon D3100!
And Lightroom, too!

When people ask me how I like it, all I can say is, "It's awesome!" :) I'm still trying to find out how to use Lightroom (can you believe it doesn't come with instructions!?).

This is my official 1st picture (taken with my new camera) edited with Lightroom. (I know I went a little overboard.)

Friday, December 16, 2011

Welcoming a New Member

We have a new member here in the Bauder household. His name is Alfie (short for Alfred) and he's a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He's Ben's Christmas present. Alfie is 11 weeks old and soooo cute!

Macy is a little jealous because Ben doesn't play with her now, but that just means I can spend more time with her. After all, she's my dog. :)
By the way, in case I don't post before Christmas: MERRY CHRISTMAS

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm on Youtube!

The Voices of Victory are on Youtube! Voices member Matt Rabits' mom videoed us.

Down on My Knees

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot (My favorite EVER!!!)

Journey Thru Christmas

I am glad I can say (as I can every year) that Journey was a success! We had almost 1,000 people turn in cards that said they got saved! I was acting in the market scene this year. It was a lot of fun until I got sick after 2 days. Satan was really working that week to make everyone sick. The stomach flu was going around. (The angel who told the shepherds about Jesus threw up, etc.) Thankfully, I didn't get the stomach flu. I got.. I don't know how to explain it. It was a throat/nose sickness instead of stomach sickness. I got to act the last day though.
The Deland Parade on Dec. 3rd was fun.
My friend, Isaac dressed up like an elf. Kids were shouting, "Buddy!"
My friend, Carly and her goat, Olive.
Guess what happened. :D Lane (left) butted his goat (named Shadow) in to the wise man (don't know his name)
Exercising the goats before the parade.
Special thanks to the ladies who did the soup and hot chocolate!
The wise men see the star!
Final touches
Mary and baby Jesus
The two wagon girls who had the tickets
The float driver, Mr. Besser
The very fun(ny) Mrs. Colleen Ingram!!
There were so many people on the bus that some of the boys had to "bus surf". :)

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I thought I might just post something interesting. On certain days, you can hear a big BOOM! and Macy will jump up and start barking. I found out that there is a bombing range in the Ocala National Forrest. I searched it on Wiki and here you go.
"The United States Navy's Pinecastle Bombing Range in the Ocala National Forest is the only place on the East Coast where the Navy can do live impact training. The Navy drops nearly 20,000 bombs a year at the site, a few hundred of which are live. The Pinecastle Bombing Range is a fenced 5,760 acres (23.3 km2) area, with the eastern edge of the range located about 2 miles (3.2 km) west of State Road 19 and the Camp Ocala campgrounds, and one-half mile (800 m) west of the Farles Lake campground. F/A-18 Hornet jet fighters and other aircraft take off from Naval Air Station Jacksonville or from aircraft carriers off the Florida coast, fly low over the forest, and drop their bombs in the middle 450 acres (1.82 km2) of the range. All air-to-ground exercises using conventional ordnance up to and including 500 pounds (226.8 kg) MK 82 bombs and five-inch (127 mm) Zuni rockets are authorized. Napalm and High Explosive Incendiary (HEI) are prohibited. Live ordnance is restricted to the Live Ordnance Impact Area; inert ordnance is used on all other targets. Pinecastle targets have also been certified for laser operations. The Navy has used the area for target practice for 50 years under a special use permit from the U.S. Forest Service."  -Wikipedia
Or if you're like my mom and think that Wiki is not trustworthy, here it is from the Ocala National Forest website itself.
"Several branches of the military utilize federal land in the Ocala National Forest for training excercises. Special Use Permits are issued to braches such as the National Guard, ROTC, US Army Special Forces and the United States Navy. Most of the permits are for short periods of time, issued for each individual outing. The Forest Service and the Unites States Navy have a longer agreement for the use of the Pinecastle Bombing Range. This range was established by the Army Air Corps in 1943 and has been in continuous use by the United States Navy since the early 1950's to train aircrews and support personnel." -USDA Ocala National Forest  
So if you ever come to my house or happen to be passing near Ocala  National Forrest, don't get scared if you hear a bomb. :)


Awesome Frisbee shot
Hey y'all! How time has flown! Tomorrow is December!!! I've just been so busy with school and the holidays. I'm thinking about making this a summer blog. I hope everyone out there has been having a just as awesome holiday season. How was your Thanksgiving? A ton of family from all over (Tampa, Tenn.) spent Thanksgiving for us. We had a ton of fun. I was the first time I saw my cousins from Tennessee since my oldest one (Shelby) got married in March 2010. Christmas is my favorite time of year with the cookies and parties and music! I've been knitting all of my presents. At church we are going to sing the Hallelujah chorus in the choir. The first time we practiced, I thought we would never get it right. :) We're getting pretty good at it. The Voices of Victory are learning new Christmas carols also. So far, my favorite carol is "Lo, How a Rose E're Blooming". While we're on this subject, I might as well tell you that the guy who invited us to England has withdrawn his offer... However, Pastor said that if we are set on going somewhere this summer, he will arrange for us to go to some English speaking country. :D
Macy had some major ordeals lately. We were dog-sitting Aki and Kuma (the teacup and toy poodle) when it happened which made it even more complicated. We had Macy spayed. We thought she was recovering well, but she didn't eat for 6 days! If she did eat something, she would barf it all back up. (We still have stains on the carpet around the house because of it.) We took her back to the vet and they did some blood work and x-rays. She had a lot of gas but we didn't know what was wrong. The vet wanted to operate (again) to see what was going on. When they went inside, they found out that some of the stuff that was supposed to help stop the bleeding from the previous surgery got wrapped around her small intestines. I'm glad they did the surgery or she would have died. The recovery took a little longer than expected, but everything is all right now and Macy is catching Frisbees just like before. :)
I've been going to a lot of theme parks lately too. On October 20th, I went to Seaworld with my co-op. It was fun. I went on Journey to Atlantis twice. They changed it since I last went. There was a twisty part added near the end.
Clyde and Seamore show at Seaworld
On November 21st, I got to go to the new Legoland Florida with my umbrella school! It was a great deal: $5 a person because we are a school group. I kicked myself in the parking lot when I realized I forgot my camera. Sorry. My friends and I went on every single roller coaster they had. The park is aimed for kids up to 12 years old so the rides were sort of disappointing. All of the employees have little Lego people on their name tags and if you bring your own, you can ask them to trade with you.
Other than that there really isn't anything to say... MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Monday, October 17, 2011


For English class I had to write a creative story of being marooned on a island for three years. I got it back and !!100%!! First 100% on a writing assignment this year! To celebrate we got Slushies! :D Here it is! Enjoy the suspense.

March 21st, 2010
            I wasn’t going to use this journal, but since I’ve got nothing to do except stay alive, I might as well. Maybe someday after I die on this abominable island, some random person will find it and use it for a fire starter. If just by chance he/she picks this up and starts reading, I’d better introduce myself and tell a little about me. My name is Rachel Patrick. I’m nineteen years old. I grew up on a farm in Florida. I’ve always wanted to go to Fiji and three days ago I was on my way. I was sailing on the Glory when I overheard four sailors talking about murdering the captain. When I realized what they were talking about, I turned to go tell someone, but one of them spotted me through the half-open door. I tried to run, but the water happened to be choppy that day and I fell. They pinned me to the wall and demanded to know what I heard. I told them I had heard enough. I don’t know whether it would have helped if I had lied, but I wish I did! They started to discuss what they were going to do with me. After several minutes in discussion, one sailor took the key to my stateroom where my German Shepherd puppy, Macy, and I slept, and left while another started doing something with a lifeboat. The one who left brought back my suitcase. That’s when it dawned on me what they were going to do. I tried to escape, but it was all in vain. I told them that if they were going to set me adrift, they should give me my dog because she would only be a nuisance to them. At that, three sailors left. One returned with Macy, another with enough food and water to last us both for at least a week, and the last returned with some blankets. They then put us adrift, and that was the last I saw that boat. I fell asleep on the lifeboat, presumably from exhaustion, and when I woke up, I was on this island.
            March 25th, 2010
            Lately, Macy and I have been exploring the little island we are stuck on. Yesterday, my mind finally began to comprehend that I will probably never see anyone again. I have been living under the lifeboat I have flipped over. Considering the circumstances, I think I’m doing well. I found a first-aid kit and some other supplies. The solar flash light is very convenient. I also happened to have a Leatherman in my suitcase. One of the sailors had been thoughtful enough to put some hooks and tackle in the lifeboat before they sent me off. I know I have enough food for a few weeks, but after that I wonder what will become of me. It’s too bad there’s no cell phone signal here.
            April 2nd, 2010
            I’m planning on walking straight through the forest today.
            April 11th, 2010
            The forest is so big that I had to turn back. So far I’ve only seen a few birds. I made a new friend, Tookie the baby Toucan. I found him in a nest on the ground covered in moss. He follows me where ever I go. Yesterday, I kicked a coconut around, and when it broke, I fed half of it to Macy, and half of it to Tookie. An older Toucan was picking on Tookie so Macy killed it and we had it for lunch. After lunch, we went fishing. For about 20 feet out, it’s only three feet deep. I found a crab to use for bait after a few minutes of digging. I caught a few fish and salted them with the salt I collected from the sea water. The fish are about the size of a large squirrel.
            May 19th, 2010
            Tookie has started flying. He is zooming back and forth and all over the place.
            July 28th, 2012
            I’ve built a hut for myself since I’m sure I’m never going to get off this island. I completed it a few months ago, but during the move I lost this journal. That’s why I haven’t written. I really don’t think it’s even a hut. It’s more of a small house. I just kept adding on to it. I made it out of coconut palm branches. The saw in the Leatherman has been very handy over the years. Macy and Tookie are both well. I think the three of us have lost considerable weight.  We’re going to have to work harder for food. I know without them I never would have made it this long. I wonder if I’ll live to be 25.
            September 24th, 2012
            I don’t know what to say. I thought I saw a light east of the island. I know it was east because the sun was setting on the other side of the island when I saw it. It must have just been my imagination.
            February 16th, 2013
            I was thinking of a song I learned before I set sail for Fiji: Swing low, sweet chariot comin’ for to carry me home. Swing low, sweet chariot comin’ for to carry me home. I wish there was a chariot comin’ to take me home.

            February 18th, 2013
            A plane crashed on the island! I’m going to see if anyone survived.
            February 19th, 2013
            It had four passengers, three of which survived. They are Australian with the awesome accents and everything! It’s so nice to see and talk with someone human again.They have a satellite phone!
            February 21st, 2013
            We got contact with a ship!!!
            February 22nd, 2013
            We were rescued by a cruise ship. It was sad leaving Tookie behind, but I thought it would be better for him in the long run. Macy on the other hand, is lying beside me at this moment as I write. I’m finally on my way home. This free cruise is nice! After nearly three years on the island, I can’t wait to see my friends and family again!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Prayer request

I know I have a lot of prayer requests, but this one is sort of a praise, too. Pastor has been in Europe and has gotten back safely. Tonight, after Voices of Victory practice, Pastor said that a church in England that he went to has asked us (the Voices of Victory) to come to England and sing. Please pray that we think it through thoroughly. I know if it's the will of God, He will provide the money for the plane tickets.

Saturday, October 01, 2011

Prayer request

Mom is taking off for Japan today. Her first flight left a8:30am. My grandpa is getting a stent in his brain. He's had several mini strokes and everyone is worried about him. He is not saved. Mom is staying for 3 weeks. Please pray for us all. Leigha

Tuesday, September 13, 2011


All I can say is that I have been busy, busy, busy and 9-11 event at church was an awesome success. When I have time I'll tell you more. (Don't count on it being soon)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Prayer request

One of my old ballet friends, Ysa Fernandez's father died while he was surfing hurricane Irene's waves. Please pray for her and her family. I'm not sure if they're Christians or not.

Trip to the Beach

Okay, I know this happened quite a while ago but better late than never right? A few weeks ago I went to the beach with my friends Kasey and Madi (Kaseadia and lolmadii →). It was so fun!

To Kaseadia and lolmadii: Bet you didn't know I took this. lol
Kasey and Madi
That day there wasn't many waves so we just kept swimming farther and farther... Then we realized we probably went too far because the shore was pretty far away. LOL! Madi's like "I can't touch the bottom!" All in all, it was a fun and exciting day (in spite of Kasey feeding all my Sun Chips to the Seagulls).


Before & After of My Room

Yup. You guessed it! I finally cot around to cleaning my bedroom!







Some Cool Pictures of Slither the Ball Python

:) Leigha

My Latest Cake

I made this cake for a party that my parents' Sunday School was having Sunday night.

Monday, August 22, 2011

The Beginning of a New School Year

Sigh... The summer's over and school started for me today. (Technically, it started Thursday but I'm trying to be normal. :) Boy! I went from having 2 or 3 subjects for the last 6 years to having 6 or 7! All Mom says is "You're starting high-school!" Well, at least the first day wasn't that bad... Good luck to all you students out there! :D

Saturday, August 13, 2011

They're here :D

Grandma and Grandpa got here around 10:30am. We're going to have so much fun! Here is a picture of me and Daisy (my nickname for her is "Wiggle-dog" for a good reason!). It's the computer camera so the picture isn't very good but I still think it's cute. Ben was making fake sunburns with the Elmer's glue and I forgot to take it out of the way.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Fun stuff coming up!

Grandma and Grandpa are coming to spent the weekend! Whoo hoo!!! The Back-to-School Rally is tomorrow! Yeah!! So excited! I made Lemon-Cream cheese cookies to celebrate. I don't know if Grandma will be able to play Wii bowling with us this time though. She had surgery Thursday morning. Hopefully she's better. Maybe I'll take some pictures and make a post about the rally. We'll see. :D Bro. Adam says there's going to be food and games. 1 lucky person is going to have a chance to win $50 in a game of Deal or No Deal (like the TV show)!

Sunday, August 07, 2011

I made it!!

Pastor held try-outs for the Voices of Victory teen ensemble tonight. After months of waiting and turning in 2 applications, I finally go to audition with my friend Melody R. and her brother Derek. I was sooo nervous! But everyone was really nice about it so I'm thankful for that. He made me sing scales, a random song from a hymn book, and Amazing Grace. I did horrible! He told me to sing a note and so I tried and he said it was a little flat. After all that, he called some of the ensemble members and we all sang as a group. I was so scared he was going to say "I have to think about it.." But he just said, "I expect you all to be there at practice next Sunday. Congratulations!" I was so relieved! So.. you wondering which part I got? He said he's going to switch me back and forth between soprano and alto but I'm mostly going to sing soprano. :D I'm so happy!

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Dog Park!!!

And let me tell you: It was fun!

Love this one!