Sunday, November 21, 2010

They are here safely

Hi guys!
If you didn't know, we have a few guests staying with us for a few weeks! When I visited Japan they decided to come. Yesterday (Friday) evening, the Yamakawa family (Miyuu and her parents) safely arrived at the OIA (Orlando International Airport). Unfortunately, their baggage didn't make it. We had to wait 2 hours just to find out 1 is still in Minneapolis! That's what I call bad service. The next day while Mom, Ben, and the Yamakawa family were at the Disney Outlet stores, Daddy and I waited for the last suitcase. It was worth it staying at home. I got a Slushy, lollipop, and soft pretzel. The car only holds 5 anyway. This morning Mom took them to one of the Disney hotels. For me, Daddy, and Ben, it was Anniversary Sunday.
!!!Happy 14th Birthday Volusia County Baptist Church (VCBC)!!!
I sang in the choir. Some of the songs were hard but all were fun!! Brother Paul Pitts came and sang. It was great! After service, we all ate dinner on the grounds. I can't wait till next year! Visit the VCBC website here!
I'll give you some updates and hopefully pictures soon!                Till next time!     Leigha☺

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